There may not be a better opportunity to reach your target audience than while they are experiencing one of the most enjoyable times of their day, in arguably the most beautiful, serene atmosphere.

Have you ever been at the tee box waiting for your fellow golfer to analyze the wind speed and direction, take six or seven practice swings to ultimately make the poorest shot of the day and record a mulligan (to then repeat the whole process over again)?  If you’re playing at Oakfield, you may be patiently waiting, taking note of the beautiful, handcrafted, natural wood signage, indicating the corporate sponsor for that particular hole.

A typical day at Oakfield sees approximately 225 individuals who enter the Pro Shop to check in for their round of golf, and learn about the activities at the club that day displayed on our 50” television, where business advertisements are interjected among the regular club information.

After a 4 hour round of golf, there is very little that is more enticing than relaxing on a comfortable sofa, in the air-conditioned clubhouse lounge, sipping on an ice cold beverage while waiting for the daily feature creation from the kitchen to be delivered to the table.  It is so tempting, in fact, that few golfers can resist visiting the space; all of whom will become your advertising audience.

On-Course Advertising

Sponsorship opportunities are available at this time and are for the duration of the season; multi-season incentives are available. On course Tee-Signage is $850 per season, with a $500 fee (one time only) for sign production.  Oakfield Golf & Country Club Business Members Package 1 enjoy complimentary advertising, while all other Oakfield Golf & Country Club Members receive a 25% rate reduction. 

Clubhouse Digital Signage

In the interest of achieving balance between valuable retail ad space, and sharing pertinent club details, a limited amount of ad space is available.  Advertising space in the Pro Shop and in the Lounge are each offered for the 2019 season at a reasonable $480 per screen; multi-season incentives are available as well.  Oakfield Golf & Country Club Business Members enjoy complimentary advertising, while all other Oakfield Golf & Country Club Members receive a 25% rate reduction. 

Advertising Bundle

All three advertising opportunities are offered as one complete advertising package for a combined rate of $1500. 

For advertising inquiries, please contact Eric Tobin, General Manager, at